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«Fedje og folket» (Fedje and its people) is a book about those who live and have lived at Fedje. It starts in the 15th century, when we have the first written sources where Fedje is mentioned. From the end of the 16th century wc know the names of most of the leaseholders at Fedje. From about year 1700 it is possible to find out the family relations, so one can draw up family trees with roots back to that time. The information in the book is up to the present.

The main sources are: At the State Archives in Bergen: Parish registers (starting in 1699), registers of change of inheritance (from 1702 to 1972), censuses in 1666, 1701, 1801, 1865, 1875, 1891 (at the State Archives in Oslo) and 1900, mortgage registers from 1770 up to date, law court books from 1642 till 1790, military records 1749-1800, and register of emigrants 1874-1924. At the State Archives in Oslo: State accounts from 1590 till 1772, registers of estate in 1661, 1665, 1723, 1802, 1819-1845 and 1863, and the arcives of the Department of the light-houses. In the literature list are listed the books that have been used, among others family books of other districts, and books with copies of old letters (from about 1200 till 1660). The oral sources have been important, that is conversation and correspondance with people relating to Fedje. They have also been co-operative in lending old photos. There are about 530 photos in the book.

There are 7 «farms» at Fedje, with their own number (called «gardsnummer» or «gnr») from No 167 to 173. Each place of residence (or domicile) has in addition another number, called «bruksnummer» or «bnr». The book is built around these numbers, so that the families are placed where they lived. Each family has got its own number from no 1 and upwards, and each child a letter from a. In this way it is possible to find from where people came, and to where they moved at Fedje. If they came from or moved to places outside Fedje, the name of community or country is usually mentioned, as well as name of spouse.

The family information is stored in a computer program called «Slekt & Gård» later transferred into «Brother’s Keeper». It will be possible to buy family trees etc. from this program. If this is desirable, please contact the author.

Note on online translation

As Fedje og folket is now available in wiki format, it's easier to use online translation services such as Google Translate. The Norwegian language has two distinct norms, bokmål and nynorsk. Please be aware that the text is in nynorsk, and that most online translation services and programs favour bokmål. This might lead to a slightly lower quality and potential misunderstandings in online translations. Some online translations will also translate names, such as Google translating 'Fedje' to 'fat'.


adjunkt teacher

adoptivbarn adopted child

am. American

arb. work, worker, labourer

arb. Bjelland canning labourer

arva inherit

arving heir

avling crop

b. volume

-b. book

barn/born child(ren)

barnlaus childless

barsel (seng) childbirth

begge both

bestefar/mor grandfather/mother

bnr number of domicile

bror brother

brordotter/son daughter/son of brother (niece/nephew)

bruk domicile, farm unit

brukar tenant/farmer

bryllaup wedding

bu/budde/busett reside(d)

bustad residence, domicile

butikk shop

bygde built (a house)

bygsel leasing land

båt boat

-d daughter (for example Hansd = daughter of Hans)

dg, dagar days

dei they/them

der there

dotter daughter

drukna drowned

d., død, døydde dead, died

dødfødd stillborn

døypt baptized

eigar owner

ein/eitt one

ektefelle/make spouse

ekteskap marriage

eng field

em., enkjemann widower

enkje widow

es. oppløyst divorced

etter after

fadder godfather/mother

far father

farbror brother of father (uncle)

farsøster sister of father (aunt)

fem five

feriebustad holiday resort

fire four

fisk fish

fiskar fisherman

fiske fishery

fl., flytta moved

folketal population

folketeljing census

foreldre parents

fosterson/dotter foster-son/daughter

fot feet

frådelt divided

fyr lighthouse

f., fødd born

før before

gl, gammal old, of age

gard farm/farm unit

gardbrukar farmer/tenant

g., gift married

g.m. married to

g.l.g. m. married first time to

giftarmål marriage

gjestgivar innkeeper

gnr farm number

gravl., gravlagd buried

gris pig

handel(sstad) trade, village store

hans his

havre oats

hennar her

hest horse

hus house

husmann crofter

høy hay

ikkje not

innerst person(s) living in another's house

ingen no

jf compare

jordebok register of estate

jordeigar property owner

jordbruk agriculture

jordmor midwife

kanne = 4,04 litres

kanskje perhaps

kjelde source

kloster monastery

kolera cholera

kone wife

koppskatt personal tax

korn gram

krig war

kr, krone currency from 1875

ku, kyr cow, cows

kval whale

kveite halibut

kyrkje church

kyrkjebok parish register

kår pension

lagnad fate

landskyld tax value

landvare tax

laup 15,4 kilograms

leidang tax

leiglending leaseholder

los pilot

lærar teacher

m.a. among other(s)

manntal census

mark 249 grams

matrikkel register of estate

md month(s)

me we

medeigar fellow owner

meieri dairy

militær rulle military records

mor mother

morbror brother of mother (uncle)

morsøster sister of mother (aunt)

mv. and others

mål a quarter of an acre

namn name

naust boat-house

naut cattle

nemnd mentioned

neste brukar next tenant/farmer

neste eigar next owner

ni nine

næring occupation

omkom deceased

om lag about

ordførar mayor

plass croft

potet potato

pund 5,977 kilograms

på dette bruket at this farm unit

reinhaldar charwoman

rekneskap acoounts

rdl, riksdalar = 4 ort = 96 skilling, currency until 1813

s page

salig deceased

samb.m. living with (without being married)

sau(er) sheep

segl sail

sei coalfish

seinare brukar later tenant/farmer

seinare eigar later owner

seks six

-sen son of (for example Hansen = son of Hans)

sild herring

sju seven

sjukepleiar nurse

sjø sea

sjølveige freehold

sjå see, compare

skatt tax

skatteliste register of taxes

skifte change of inheritance

skilling shilling

skule school

skøyte deed

smør butter

son son

spd, spesiedalar = 5 ort = 120 skilling = 4 kroner, currency from 1816 till 1875

storfe cattle

størje tunny

søsken brothers and sisters, siblings

søskenbarn cousin

søster sister

søsterdotter/son daughter/son of sister (niece/nephew)

s.å. same year

t.d. for example

tenar servant

ti ten

tidlegare earlier

tiend tax

tilleggsareal additional site

tingbok law court book

to two

tomt site

torsk cod

torv peat

tre three

tremenning second cousin

truleg probably

tub. tuberculosis

tvillingar twins

tn, tønne 139 litres

ugift unmarried

ukjend lagnad unknown fate

ulykke accident

utsåd seed

utvandra emigrated

uviss(t) unknown

veker weeks

våg 18,52 kilograms

øy island

åker field

år year(s)

åtte eight

Fedje komm.svg Fedje og folket/ Kort innføring på engelsk (short introduction in English) er henta frå Fedje og folket av Arvid Skogseth, og lagt ut under lisensen cc-by-sa. Denne digitale, oppdaterte utgåva av gards- og ættesoga for Fedje kommune vart utarbeida av Skogseth i 2022. Lokalhistoriewikis brukere kan fritt redigere og utvide artikkelen. Ein kan også melde frå på epost til arviskog(krøllalfa)online.no.

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